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The safest place for your code snippets

Manage your code snippets online with an option of syncing them to Github or Bitbucket.

3rd Party Integration

Sync your code snippets with either Github or Bitbucket as a backup.

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Web Interface

Access your snippets anywhere, anytime. You only need a browser to get going.

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Multiple Files

Related snippets can be added as multiple files in one snippet.

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About Us

My name is Sabelo Simelane, I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am very passionate about software and I love solving real-life problems using software and IOT. I have been writing software for about 20 years now. Whenever I wrote software, I always wanted to solve a real-life problem.…
How you code snippets will be displayed

Trying to remember that elusive code snippet

If you are a software developer, there are those times where you need a piece of code that you used 3 weeks ago, but you just can't remember for the life of you, how you did it. Now you have to switch to another workspace and search through tons of…