Trying to remember that elusive snippet of code

If you are a software developer, you have those times where you need a piece of code that you used 3 weeks ago, but you just can’t remember for the life of you, how to did it. Now you have to switch to another workspace and search through tons of files and lines of code to find that piece of code. This can take a valuable amount of time, not to mention losing your line of thought. That sucks, right?

Well, this online code¬†snippet manager has come to your rescue. You only have to google a solution once and you paste the snippet on Snippet Manager and that’s it. Next time you need it, you simply logon to the snippet manager and copy if from there. What’s nice about this is that, the snippets can be categorized under labels e.g. Java, Javascript, Linux, SQL etc. So, if you cannot remember what you saved the snippet as, you can narrow down your search by using the labels.

Another nifty feature is the integration to Bitbucket and Github. This means that when you create your snippet on it is also created on Bitbucket or Github. This serves as a backup of you snippets for extra piece of mind. Also, if you already have existing snippets with any of these platforms, you Snippet Manager will import them automatically for you.

Snippet Manager is still in beta phase so please help by reporting any bugs you may experience. To try it out click here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I am more than willing to listen to your thoughts.


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